It's time to Rock!

Our latest meal plan used in the first HIIT Factory challenge of 2019! Sensational results for fatloss, with top challengers dropping between 5-8kg of bodyfat over the 6 weeks!

Rock Your Body 7.0 (2019)

6 Week Meal Plan




  • 182 page detailed meal plan
  • 10 Workouts you can do anywhere with minimal or no equipment including:
  • Warm up and Cool down + fitness test workout
  • 3 x interval run sessions
  • Booty Burn Session
  • 2 x HIIT Skip sessions
  • 2 x HIIT Strength workouts
  • Weekly Exercise Planner
  • Proven success with sensational fat loss results across my gyms, The HIIT Factory!

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Time to plan, prep and goalset!