Get Ready to Rock

Getting fed up of not seeing the results you want? Need a bit of a plan of action and every meal mapped out for you over the next 6 weeks, full of great food, lots of nutritious meals, all really easy to prepare? If you are looking to shift some bodyfat, increase your knowledge of nutritious meals, and get some great training sessions, then you are at the right place!

Discover for yourself what hundreds of women (and men!) are achieving with my Rock Your Body transformation plan! When you purchase the plan today, you can access my private Facebook members group to take that support next level.

This is a comprehensive plan, along with 14 training sessions including a base fitness test and some recovery stretching, along with lots of HIIT / strength and running sessions, requiring either nothing to very little equipment. Train at home, eat great meals at home and feel like you are dining out in a cafe at the same time!

This plan is nutritionist approved and suitable for people of all shapes and sizes, and all fitness levels.

Go.... transform your life starting TODAY and #RockYourBody for LIFE!

It's time to Rock!

Rock Your Body 5.0 (2018)

6 Week Meal Plan



  • 174 Pages
  • 140+ Recipes
  • 14 Workouts
  • Tried & Tested on 600+ participants
  • Weekly Exercise Planner
  • Oh and did I mention, results!